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The community was feeling a little dead, thought I stop by and spice things up. So, as you guys may or may not know the boys opened for Godsmack last week. Jacob was kind enough to get me tickets, the show was great! A big deal for the guys. This weekend is City Stages in Birmingham where they'll be opening for Ratt and Poison. I'm very excited, and hopefully I'll be backstage taking plenty of pics. Speaking of pics, I bring you new pics that maybe you haven't seen. Here's the cut, the pics are hiding underneath! :) Enjoy!!!!

Look, Jacob let David sing one!

And he plays drums like a MAD MAN! :)

Mark FINALLY smiles for me! I have so many pics of him with a straight face its not funny.

Jacob the fiddler... and look, Daveaux with no shirt! lol

David doing tricks in the dark

David hanging out with the Double Shot girls, Casey and Me (Suzy)

Jacob playing over the fret board on the way to the mic

The famous behind the head "Sweet Child O Mine" opening solo as only Jacob can do it.

Jacob throughing up the horns during a show for me. :)

Jacob and Mark groving

The guys rocking out like pros.

And Mark is a happy bass player

David was dancing... Mark was... not looking at him. lol

He's not a bad singer, actually... he was singing Alice In Chains "Man In The Box"

These pics were taken on several trips to The Barking Kudu in Birmingham AL and Rythm and Brews in Tuscaloosa AL.

I need more pics of P-Nutt, I'll work on that. Later guys!
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