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So saw Lynam again Friday. Those boys are fantastic. Jacob was sick as a dog, but the show went on and if he hadn't told us, you never would have know. This man is a true performer. He bounced around and carried on like normal on stage while painfully sipping water and trying to save his voice off stage. He is one of the sweetest, most talented, dedicated men I know. I can't say enough good things about this man. He's got almost everything I aspire to have. He's a talented musician in a successful band, he has his own production studio, people love him, he sings, he writes, he plays, its all I want to be. And because of this, I'm fiercely loyal to him. I know some of my friends like to pick at me about Lynam and more specifically about Jacob, but that's not cool. That doesn't mean I don't respect/ love the other guys as much. I think Mark is great. I love that man to death. He stared out so quiet, but I've infiltrated his boundaries and now he loves talking to me. He's an interesting man. And Dave, well Dave is a whole other creature unto himself. He's funny, can make anyone laugh at any time. I love the boys, I'm really glad so many good things are happening for them. Had a wonderful conversation with mark about the way things are going for them. Turns out that the Hinder guys really like Lynam alot and they're trying to help the boys out in every way possible. I was also let in on some "classified" info that Mark asked me not to talk about with anyone else. Don't worry, everything's ok. ;) But yeah, looking forward to seeing the boys again on Dec 8th. Maybe we'll have a Lynam Christmas party lol. :)


Wed. was the day of the Lynam/ 18 Visions/ Hinder show in Huntsville. I was excited to say the least. June was the last time I saw the boys of Lynam play an original show. I've seen their cover show a couple of times since then, but it just can't compare to the orginal show. So Oaktree (aka Jeff) came over at 1:45 to pick Casey & I up for the show. We had a 3 hour road trip ahead of us and the chance of some rain so leaving early was the best plan of action. The trip allowed loads of bonding/ story time for the Double Shot girls & Oaktree. That man is great, let me tell you. His stories are funny and he's very educated. It was a great car ride.

We got to Huntsville around 4:30 and went to meet Brady and his wife Carson at Ruby Tuesdays. Brady would be attending the show with us, but I had never met him before. Both he and Carson are a riot! We had alot of fun and good conversation at dinner. Then we followed Brady over to Sammy T's. It was around 6:45 when we got there. Casey & I left our stuff in the car and we all headed over to stand in line. Oaktree called Jacob to say Hi & tell him we were there but got no answer. We went to stand in line and the wind started to blow. That sucks as it was a bit chilly. We saw the boys walk across the street to their bus and back a couple of times before the big problem came.

It started to rain. And it was a cold rain too. Our group as well as about 50-60 other people standing in line managed to huddle under a blue tent to escape the rain. Oaktree told me to call Jacob and tell him to let us in. I called Jacob, but they were in the middle of sound check. So more standing outside. The rain stopped after about 15 minutes and at about 7:30 we were inside. We made our way to the front, but we weren't the only ones with that idea. We had a good veiw of the stage though, so it worked out nicly. We entertained ourselves with amusing stories and by coming up with differnt lyrics to Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" or if you prefer our version that we came up with the help of Peanut and Dave Lynam... "Tits of a Crackwhore". Try it, it fits.

At around 9:30 they finally started the show! Lynam has an intro now. Yes, they have reached that level, and it was great. The crowd, by then, was packed in like sardines. I was behind a guy who was much taller than me (which is a feat considering I'm almost an Amazon), but I had a clear veiw of Jacob and if I leaned the other direction I could see Dave & Mark... who by the way has a new tattoo I noticed.

The show was great! I can ever say enough good things about this band. They have SO much talent and charisma. Most bands don't even have half of what these boys do. The show was electirfying. "By Your Side" was great live. The girl next to me looked at me like I was crazy when I sang along with the line "As I sit here and I stare at your grave, all the pain and anger seems to fade away". Obviously, she isn't down with the Mafia.... Oh yes, the Lynam fans, I've learned, are lovingly refered to as the White Trash Mafia. (Oaktree and I are planning to demand t-shirts that say "I'm in the Mafia" on the front with LYNAM on the back haha)

The girl who looked at me like I was crazy, by the way, was abour 5'2" if that and hugged up with her boy friend. Neither of the two looked like they were having any fun with the show and they kept rubbing into me during their frequent make out/ touchy feely times. At one point I, along with the rest of the crowd, was rocking out and accidently elbowed her in the face. I applogized and they scooted over. At least they weren't bumping into me any more. Guys, just as a tip, don't make out at a show if the people next to you are jumping up and down and rocking out. Save the make for maybe a slow song or some time after the show.

Any way, it was a great show, one of the best I've seen in a long while. If you get the chance to see Lynam, and I know by now you're tired of hearing this but I'm going to say it any way, GO SEE THEM! It is completely worth whatever you have to pay to get in the door. The boys put on a great show and always hang around afterwards for meet & greet, so buy a CD and have the boys sign it while you're there. Support local music!

Tonight night, if you're in the Tuscaloosa area, Lynam will be playing Gallets, come out and see Lynam and Double Shot! Hey, hot, talented, musician boys and cute, funny, DJ girls, you can't go wrong, right? See ya at Gallets!

So lets see, had an interesting weekend. Friday night Lynam came down for dinner. We ate at a guy named Jeff's house. Jeff and I became pretty good friends by the night's end. He's a sweet guy. His wife made us all lasagna, very tasty, ask Jacob, Mark & their "roady" Peanut, they had seconds... and thirds lol. :) And good cookies as well... which Jacob ate like 6 of. Mark FINALLY got over being shy around me and talked. And boy, when he finally decides its ok to talk to you, he has PLENTY to say. lol. Very interesting conversation about how the music business really works and how much he HATES playing cover gigs. The boys were playing a frat party so it was all covers save for two Lynam originals. I stood on the side of the stage where Mark was. Mark would keep looking down to me and mouthing things like "I hate this song" or "This song sucks" and rolling his eyes. He was SO freaking bored. Poor guy. I did manage to make him smile by dancing around like a nerd while singing ALL the words to "Ice, Ice Baby". Glad something could make him smile that night. :) So after the show was over Jeff & I helped the guys load everything up and then the boys ran off to the airport to catch a 6am plane out to NC. lol busy boys. There are some fun pics of that stuff up on MySpace. 
So, here's what I've gotten so far, I'm sure I'll have more stories after this Friday!
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