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A present

So I've been bored ALL day pretty much here at work, mostly due to the fact that I left three of the four discs of season 2 of Dead Like Me at home. Also, there's been no one online to talk to. Boo. So, I've had to entertain myself. How? Well, I'm glad you asked. Turns out, this computer has photo shop and I have pics and an imagination. This resulted in many (read: a few) icons being made. So:

I made Lynam Icons!!!!! LoL I'm SUCH a NERD! But here's what I did with my tiny knowlege of photoshop.
  1)     2)     3)      4)     5)       6)      7)     8)    9)     10)      11)   
Also, I made my default icon which is also Lynam, but I'm keeping that one for myself, so please don't steal it. These, you're welcome to use on your journals, commenting and credit is much apprciated, but the other one is just for me please. :) Thanks guys.
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